We do what we do because we love it. But every now and then, we hear back on how our bouquets make people feel and it makes what we do so much more fulfilling. Bouquets are more than just a collection of flowers. They are messages of love, gratitude, consolation and so much more. We recently received this review and it’s just so heart warming.

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Christmas Wreath on Grave

Christmas is traditionally a time for reconnecting with family and friends, so it’s understandable that our minds also turn to loved ones we have lost.  It’s a wonderful act of remembrance to visit the cemetery and take with us a gift for the graveside.

Decorating Graves 

Decorating graves with flowers is an ancient tradition, dating back to Ancient Greece or longer, used as a way to honour and respect our loved ones who have passed.  So great is this tradition that it has become a formal affair with wreath laying ceremonies now common on national remembrance days.  

On a personal level, it’s a way for us to keep the memory of our loved ones alive and gives us an opportunity to reflect on the joy they brought into our lives.

Choosing the Right Wreath

The word ‘wreath’ usually brings to mind the traditional circular wreath, so commonly seen gracing front doors in the Christmas season.  However, wreaths don’t have to be circles, and we offer a range of wreaths and arrangements suitable for graves.  

Traditional Christmas Wreaths

Traditional Wreath with Pine Cones

The traditional Christmas wreath is a circular shape, generally using evergreen branches, pine cones, red berries, and maybe a red ribbon or two.  

There’s a long history behind the use of the traditional circular wreath, having no beginning or end, which has long represented unity and the sun, and with Christian times, it became a symbol of eternal life and the omnipresence of God.  

There’s also significance to the particular flora used.  Evergreens represent strength - around New Year, the Early Romans gave gifts of green branches representing health and resilience - and with Christianity, victory of the eternal spirit over death.  Pine cones and flowers also came to represent life and resurrection.  

In modern times, Christmas wreaths are hung on the front door as an invitation of the spirit of Christmas to enter the home and bring luck, but also as a symbol to all that they are welcome.  It’s natural that families would want to share these sentiments with loved ones no longer present.

Here at Green Door Florist, we love the idea of following the seasons, using materials that are available at Christmas, like evergreens, berries, cones and twigs, but we also like to add a little extra to our Christmas arrangements, by adding special touches like cinnamon, bright red apples and other dried fruits, even luxurious flowers.  Take a look at our range of wreaths below.

Take a look at our Traditional Fresh Door Wreath.  This is a fairly classic red and green Christmas wreath.

Traditional Fresh Door Wreath

Then there’s our Fresh Fruity Wreath Here, we’ve livened up the traditional wreath by adding a selection of fresh and dried fruits for extra colour.

Fresh Fruity Wreath

For something a little more alternative, we created the Festive Door Wreath with a TwistThis is a really different take on the traditional wreath.

Festive Door Wreath with a Twist

Or, if you really prefer something simple and more traditional for sympathy, we have the White Round Wreath.  This is a very elegant and extremely versatile wreath in traditional white, perfect for the graveside.

White Round Wreath

Alternative Shapes/Styles of Wreath

Wreaths don’t have to be circles.  In fact, we can create a range of alternative arrangements that are suitable for graves.

The posy is a popular option for sympathy flowers.  This is a round wreath without a hole in the middle.  Frequently this is formed from an abundance of flowers for a really luxurious feel.  However, if you’re looking for something more Christmassy, we can create something specially for you in a posy shape, with that traditional Christmas feel. 

The sheer bouquet is another good option for graves.  This is a flat bouquet, which makes it easily portable, and easy to lay on the grave.  No water required is required for this bouquet.  Again, this arrangement can be customised to your requirements. 

Custom Made Wreaths & Arrangements

Alma's Pure White Bouquet

At Green Door Florist, our signature style is informal and free flow, but we can customise your arrangement in the style that you prefer.  Whether you want traditional white blooms in a structured style, a loose arrangement of traditional lilies, or something informal and colourful, we can cater to your own tastes.

We find that sympathy flowers are more and more moving away from the traditional plain white and we frequently get requests for sympathy arrangements full of colour, or meadow style bouquets as a celebration of life rather than an expression of sadness.  

Available Colours

Funeral Spray

For ladies we can offer traditional pink, purple & white or white & green with an accent colour of your choice.

For gentlemen we can offer stronger colours including red, yellow, purple & orange, or alternatively white & green with an accent colour.

For gender neutral, simple displays, we can offer white & green.  Or for an anniversary for mixed genders we can mix a range of colours to suit your taste.

How To Order

If you’re interested in a ready made product from our site, go ahead and order online or call us to order.  For custom made wreaths and arrangements, please call or email with details of type of flower/foliage, colours, and style requests.  

After such a strange year, we’re ready for Christmas and really feeling the need to celebrate!  But even though we’ll still have our Christmas traditions, things will feel a little bit different.

So here at Green Door Florist, we decided to do something different this holiday season.  We’ve redesigned our Christmas selection, and we thought we’d let you have a little glimpse of what’s in store this year!

We will still have a number of products in keeping with tradition (with a sophisticated twist), but we also wanted to get a little wild and add a touch of the dramatic!  So we’ve created a few really new and exciting arrangements to the mix.

Getting Back to Nature

When I was studying floristry in horticultural school, we always followed the seasons and used local materials.  In winter that meant that we were limited to evergreens and dried flowers, and we had to be really creative to make the most of our limited resources. 

I’ve always loved this idea of getting back to nature and making the most of what’s around us locally.  So that’s our plan this year - stay close to home and be kind to nature.


A New Take on The Traditional

We wanted to keep an element of the traditional in our new designs, so we have some table decorations and bouquets available in the usual red and green...with a twist!  

We’ve incorporated the same wonderful muted greens that we used last year as the basis of our palette and deepened the red ever so slightly to a rich ruby shade. 

We have plenty of green foliage, fronds of pine cinnamon sticks, pine cones and red berries, but this year our blooms are a little more exotic, featuring such beauties as grevillea and banksia.

A Touch of Drama

For a little excitement this year, we’ve added some eye-catching new creations that are simply a feast for the eyes.

Our Christmas lantern takes the traditional red and green palette, but we’ve styled it for a really dramatic effect, adding incredible azure thistles and an abundance of grevillea, creating a magnificent bouquet that simply cannot be ignored.  

Our winter bouquet has transformed into a gentle beauty, capturing the elegance of those muted colours; combining lilac, sage, sangria and aubergine with a misty, cornflower blue.

Let’s Celebrate!

Of course, it won’t be quite the same as other years, but we’re determined to make the most of it and find safe ways to have a good time.  Decorating our homes is one way we can really make things feel special this Christmas.  

We hope you enjoy our new designs.  They’ll be available online soon.


Jennifer works close to our store and used to pass our shop on her way to work.  Our flowers caught her eye so she started to buy flowers for her house as a treat.  Soon she became a regular customer and it was always a pleasure to see her cheery face coming through the door.  She is a real flower lover and we soon became friends.

As Jennifer herself said, “Your shop front always displayed beautiful flowers with a quirky edge and I knew that we would be in great hands on our special day.”

Jennifer’s brief was to create a mix and match style, with lots of wildflowers, something slightly out of the ordinary.  She wanted something really unique and we think her wedding flowers really suited her upbeat, bubbly personality.  Take a look at the pictures below, shared by dkphotography.pix, to see her fabulous creations.

Jennifer and Mark were married in July 2019 at Mother of Divine Grace Church in Raheny village.  We created some very rustic arrangements for the ends of the pews and the bride and groom’s chairs, heavy on the foliage with sprinklings of tiny white blooms, eucalyptus and gypsophilia, all tied together with bows of raffia for a really natural feel.  

There was also a table decoration around three white candles, with a simple yet elegant theme, using dark green mixed greenery and fresh white blooms, from large, crisp hydrangea to cute tanacetum.  

Jennifer was absolutely blooming at seven months pregnant, a fantastic surprise that came along while they were planning the wedding!  We loved her dress, with its exquisite lace,  beautiful floral train, and its own unique design with beading and laces on the forearm.  Her hair was fabulous too with her long, tumbling auburn curls and pretty hair decorations.

For the bride’s bouquet we put together a beautiful posy of wildflowers.  We wanted something that would really bring some of Jennifer’s bright personality to the flowers, so we used plenty of colour from a wide variety of blooms.  We kept the foliage light with only a little eucalyptus, the bouquet formed from plenty of daisy-like tanacetum, delphinium in bright blue and crisp white, star-like astransia and dahlias in canary yellow, burnt orange and magenta.  Here it is pictured with Molly the dog.  

The groom looked so handsome on the day and his buttonhole with bright yellow craspedia, spray chrysanthemums and wax flower, which contrasted perfectly with his bright blue suit.

For the bridesmaids and flower girl we created large wildflower posies similar to Jennifers, but this time in more simple colours, mostly white with a hint of blue.  These were formed from an abundance of pretty tanacetum, fluffy gypsophilia and marguerite daisies with a touch of lavender for contrast.  We think they almost look like giant handfuls of confetti.

After the church ceremony, the couple traveled in a cute beige VW camper van adorned with bunting to their reception in Tankardstown House in Slane.  It’s an incredible venue, with beautifully ornate interiors and fabulous gardens, and a light airy dining room featuring a glass ceiling.  

For the venue we created simple table decorations from dark green eucalyptus, marguerite daisies and white roses for a touch of romance.  The top table was adorned with a large display in the same theme, dark green mixed foliage with elegant white blooms; large heads of hydrangea, cute snapdragons, tiny wax flower and fluffy gypsophilia.

We’re delighted that Jennifer and Mark had such a wonderful day surrounded by such elegance and it was an absolute pleasure to create such unique wedding flowers for this lovely couple.  Wishing you many happy years ahead!  

Here’s what Jennifer had to say about her experience:

“Your flowers were amazing and all our guests loved them and were asking who did them.  I cannot praise you and Kasia enough.  We will definitely be recommending you to everyone, you’re so professional and your friendly manner.  Thank you again for our beautiful wild flowers and being part of our special day.  Highly recommended to any brides to be.”

Thank you for your kind words Jennifer & Mark.

Take a look at some of the other weddings we’ve catered for and see how we can help you on your big day.

Aoife and Laurence’s wedding was an incredibly memorable event for us.  We don’t usually cater for weddings at Christmas due to fluctuations with deliveries and flower supply, but seeing as it was Aoife, I just couldn’t say no!

Aoife and I met through business.  She dropped into the shop one day to ask if we’d like to do a shared promotion with her business, Amari Lane beauty salon, in Killester.  We thought it was a great idea!  One thing led to another and soon we discovered that we had more in common than just businesses in the same location.  It turned out we both also had ties to Kilmuckridge, Co. Wexford.  Pretty soon we were good friends; she did my nails and I supplied her flowers.

When she asked us to cater for her Christmas wedding, we knew we were going to have to get really creative to ensure we could find flowers for her big day.  Luckily, Aoife’s brief helped us out.  She wanted a very rustic, down to earth wedding, with the special request of using a lot of mixed greenery from her farm near Kilmuckridge, where they had just built their new home.  I usually spend Christmas in Kilmuckridge, so together we came up with a plan - to create her wedding in my kitchen!

As it turned out, we ended up having the most fantastic time, starting out with a foraging session on her farm to select whatever enticing seasonal foliage the countryside had to offer us!  We added a few items from the shop, but managed to keep 90% of the ingredients organic and sourced from the local area.

When Aoife’s special day arrived, we decorated the pew ends with informal clusters of foliage heavily interspersed with bright red and midnight blue viburnum berries, tied together with a broad cranberry coloured ribbon, the perfect contrast to the deep green foliage.


Aoife looked beautiful in her incredible dress, so elegant in its simplicity, with layers of chiffon under the A line skirt and an intricate design of crystals and pearls at the waistline.

The bride and bridesmaids’ bouquets were the highlight of the flowers on the day.  We created large bouquets with a loose formation, combining a range of blues and greens which complimented the bridesmaids’ emerald dresses, and tied them together with the same cranberry coloured ribbon to match Aoife’s mother’s dress.

Azure thistles and indigo viburnum provided the blue tones, and we used plenty of silvery, sea green eucalyptus to blend them in with an assortment of deep green foliage, including rosemary, ivy and fern.  We also added a touch of burgundy leucodendron as a highlight to echo the cranberry of the ribbon.

We created buttonholes in the same style, using deep green foliage with thistles and leucodendron as an eye-catching feature.  Laurence and the father of the bride looked very dapper in their black tuxedos and bow ties!

The venue for the reception was the wonderful Rathsallagh House in Wicklow, who provided an incredible dining room that absolutely sparkled even in mid-winter, with it’s bright white decor and fabulous silver ceiling drapes.  We created a long and low table arrangement in keeping with our theme, using plenty of greenery and three white candles.

The cake was a simple, three tiers with white icing, adorned with the same cranberry ribbon, and holly to echo our local foliage theme.

Thank you so much to Aoife and Laurence for asking us to do your wedding flowers.  We had a ball!

Here’s what Aoife had to say about our wedding service:

“If you are looking for a wedding florist look no further!!  Lilla and Kasia arranged the flowers for my wedding on New Year’s Eve last year and I was absolutely delighted with them.  We had a consultation with them and they had some amazing ideas and knew exactly what I wanted.  I wanted to incorporate foliage from the farm where I live and that was not an issue!  Our top table piece and pew ends were gorgeous and got so many compliments. Our bouquets were beautiful and the lads loved the buttonholes!  Thanks so much Lilla, Kasia (and Stephen ☺️)”

Photography by richardgavin.com 

Lorraine had always planned to do her own wedding flowers.  She is a makeup artist and very creative, she absolutely adores colour and textures.  Unfortunately, what with everything going on in the run up to the big day, she ran out of time.  It was when she received one of our very popular mini milk bottle arrangements as a present from a friend that she decided she loved our style.  That’s when we came to the rescue and provided the flowers for her charming city wedding.

We absolutely loved the brief that Lorraine gave us.  She wanted a natural but compact style, not too bohemian, with a mulberry palette using a mixture of shades ranging from light to dark.  We thought it would create a really wonderful, romantic feel and we were right...check out the pictures below, provided by Nicola Wester (www.nicolawebster.com).

Lorraine & Niall’s wedding took place in October 2019 at City Hall.  The bride and groom looked stunning in such grand surroundings.  Niall wore a clean cut, dark blue suit with white shirt, tie and handkerchief and Lorraine wore a simple yet elegant gown with delicate beading and a soft fluffy effect created by ostrich feathers around the bottom of the skirt.  

For the stunning bride, we created a large posy, absolutely overflowing with exquisite blooms in every berry shade.  For the deeper tones, we used mulberry coloured skimmia, which has a lovely vintage feel, deep magenta coloured roses and fascinating burgundy cotinus.  The lipstick pinks and pastel pinks were provided by a range of frilly spray roses and romantic lisianthus, then we added pretty white wax flower to lighten the tone.  Together the flowers created a delicious feast for the eyes, reminiscent of summer puddings with cream.

The foliage was mainly eucalyptus with an ethereal, silvery, sea green hue, so we added lavender and viburnum berries in a deep indigo to marry it with the deep purples.  We added pale purple astransia and azure thistles for texture and tied it all together with raffia to create a natural effect.  We loved the tiny photo Lorraine brought of her late father, Frank, which she attached to the bouquet so that he could be there with her on her big day.  

For the handsome groom we created a buttonhole from selected flowers from the bouquet; a pale pink rose teamed with dusky pink skimmia and tiny fronds of lavender, wax and eucalyptus for added texture.

The bridesmaid’s posy was a simple affair but just as delightful, dominated by giant lipstick pink hydrangea, with a sprinkling of wax flower, blue thistles and eucalyptus.  

The reception was held at Fallon and Byrne, so we created some beautiful decorations along the same theme to grace the tables.  Some were our mini milk bottles, which we customised to Lorraine’s mulberry theme, with blooms in a range of pinks combined with deep green foliage. 

Lorraine provided a selection of beautiful vintage vases, in keeping with our mini milk bottle idea, so we gave each vase its own unique arrangement, ranging from large to small.  Some were simple, formed from a single rose and pale pink astilbe, others were more complex, incorporating a variety of blooms, thistles, astransia, white wax flower and foliage in the form of eucalyptus and cotinus.  

We really loved catering for this couple’s special day.  We think Lorraine’s theme was absolutely gorgeous, full of romance and perfect for a wedding.  Here’s what Lorraine had to say:

“You guys are so unbelievably talented! Every time I look at pictures of the wedding I’m just so happy you were our florists, they just make the pictures magical!  And EVERYONE commented on how beautiful they were even strangers, as we made our way from City Hall to Fallon and Byrne. Thank you so, so much for bringing the magic!  You guys are superstars!”

Visit our wedding section and see more examples of our wedding arrangements to help you decide what you’d like for your big day.

Maybe one of the pictures of wedding bouquets could go to wedding gallery?

Nicola came to visit us to arrange her wedding flowers as she was inspired by one of our previous brides, Sinead.  Nicola is a lovely, friendly girl and she was looking for a relaxed and fun style, something fairly loose and fluid with pastels, peach tones and greenery.  We were delighted with the brief and confident we could put together the perfect collection of arrangements for her.

Nicola and Barrie had an autumn wedding, in September 2018 at Boyne Hill House in Navan.  The venue is a picturesque country house, set in a beautiful parkland estate. As you can see from the pictures, we created a very romantic collection for her, with an old world feel which complimented the vintage air of the venue, with its elegant chandeliers, decorative wallpaper and antique furniture. 

Nicola’s bouquet was made up of classic white roses, white lisianthus and the soft, peach coloured blooms of David Austin roses.  We used white wax flower and astransia to give a star like feel, which echoed the pretty floral lace design on her dress, and plenty of foliage, made up of the deep green and silvery tones of eucalyptus.

Nicola also requested a hair comb which we made from eucalyptus and wax.  We thought she looked beautiful with her loose tousled curls swept back elegantly at the side with her comb, and the closed buds of wax like confetti floating above her head.


The bridesmaid’s bouquets were smaller, but had the same theme as Nicola’s bouquet, the cream and silvery tones complimented their shimmery, ivory gowns perfectly.

We made up buttonholes for the groom and several of the gentlemen, who all looked very smart in their light grey suits, for the page boys and mothers of the bride and groom, mainly from eucalyptus and wax, in keeping with the main bouquets.

The wedding took place in the Secret Garden, the aisle made up of a white carpet beautifully lined with topiary trees.





And in the evening they continued to celebrate outside with sparklers for a truly magical feel. 

It was an absolute privilege to provide the flowers for this beautiful wedding, which was so full of character, and we think the gentle pastel theme was captured perfectly by the photographer igstudio.ie

Nicola was delighted with her flowers and emailed us afterwards to give her thanks:

“Hi Lilla,

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did with our flowers!  The bouquets blew me away when I first saw them and my hair comb was just perfect, as were the buttonholes!  We had so many compliments all day! Thank you again so so much, everything was so perfect!

Nicola xx”

Here at the Green Door Florist we love catering for weddings and we would be delighted to take your order for your special day.  We take great care in listening to your specific requests so that we can put together the perfect collection of flowers for your event.  We love providing something unique that will create a really magical feel for your wedding. Call us today to explain what you’re looking for!

photocredit: https://igstudio.ie


Also checkout out our review on the following site: https://www.flowerdelivery-reviews.com/best-flower-delivery-dublin/


October has been a significant month for me, ever since I took over this quirky little florist shop in October 2012.

At the time I had just started my second year of European Studies in college as a mature student.  It had never occurred to me to start my own business as I had always wanted to study and travel. But then one phone call, one decision, changed the entire course of my future…


Naively, I thought I could run the business and continue my studies, but very quickly I realised I would have to choose.  So I left college in order to focus all my energy on the business.  


The last seven years at Green Door Florist have had ups and downs, fun and disappointments.  But I continue to learn every day, and even though it can be challenging, it is incredibly rewarding too.


Through Green Door Florist I have met so many amazing people, including my partner, my rock, Stephen, who was there with me when I got the news on the 10th of October last year, another significant October.  The colours and smells of autumn will always remind me of the day of my diagnosis…


Like everyone diagnosed with cancer, I was scared.  Terrified. I didn’t know what stage cancer I had and what was in store for me in the future.  But I never wondered, “why me?”. Instead, I worried about the shop, how I would manage, would I be able to work, would I lose everything I had invested in this business for the previous five years?  This shop was not just my livelihood, but my baby, my passion!


I didn’t want to leave the shop, I just wanted to continue coming to work every day as normal.  But after the first round of chemo, which caught me completely off guard, I realised that I would have to take a break.  


But it’s funny how things sometimes work out, my friend Kasia was looking for an opportunity to leave her boring job and find something more enjoyable, so she had taken on a few hours in the shop until she found something new.  Now, with me recuperating, and in need of someone to take the reins, Kasia stepped in and made my baby her own. She knew exactly where I was coming from and I was able to relax, knowing that the shop was in good hands. Thanks to her, and my other, endlessly supportive staff, the shop has survived and is still thriving, for which I can never thank them enough.


The first few weeks were the worst…until I realised I had to surrender to the process.  I learned how to take baby steps and only focus on what was right in front of me. I learned how to prioritise only what was important and stop wasting energy on unnecessary things...getting well was my primary aim, so that I could get through this difficult phase and again begin to enjoy the short time we spend in this world.  Through all these trials, I gained a new appreciation for life and learned to remember what’s really important.


Friends, customers, even strangers, were so supportive.  I will never forget the hearty homemade soups, gentle hugs, inspiring books and endless numbers of cards containing heartfelt wishes.  These simple things were exactly what I needed, even though they made me cry; my heart was full of fear, but full of gratitude for such amazing support.  

Through this whole ordeal I had a mantra:

“If my mind is calm, my body will survive.”

ARC Cancer Support was instrumental in helping me to keep my mind calm and my emotions balanced through this time.  So I decided, this month, fateful October, I will give back. From now on, October will always be a time for practising gratitude.

This month, Green Door Florist will be donating 10% of all profit to ARC.  ARC centres provide a safe haven for cancer patients, their loved ones and carers.  They offer complementary therapies, counselling, support and understanding for anyone affected by cancer.  http://arccancersupport.ie/

Please note that during October, we are accepting additional donations for ARC.  Just let us know how much extra to add to the cost of your flowers, and this amount will go directly to ARC.

ARC Cancer Support Centres

Coming up in December…

You may be wondering how to make the most of your house for the festive season, well, check out our Christmas workshop.  We show you how to dress up your house for Christmas, and how to make rustic creations using greenery from your garden, including wreaths and table arrangements.  We’ll be having a few seasonal treats too; mulled wine, mince pies and cupcakes for all! Take a look at our blog post from last year to see some photos of our day.  https://www.greendoorflorist.com/blogs/news/our-christmas-workshop

Last year the Christmas workshop was incredibly popular, please book early to avoid disappointment.

Job Description

Upcoming position within a very busy Dublin 3 Florist.

We kindly ask please do not apply for this role unless you can meet the following requirements:

The successful candidate must have a minimum of 3 years floristry experience and be able to work in a fast paced environment using their initiative without the need of supervision.

Excellent experience in all areas of floristry especially bouquet preparation and presentation, all types of arrangements, excellent spoken and written English, Good attention to detail and customer service, pose a good flair for trends, colours and creativity. Social Media experience will be an advantage.

This is initially a seasonal role and you must be willing to work long hours which will be flexible in a naturally cold environment prior to Christmas. It is a challenging, demanding but fun time for all involved in our quirky and creative business.

For the right candidate we are willing to look at extending the employment during other busy times ie: Valentines, Mother's Day and possibly a long term full time role.

If you think you can professionally meet the above requirements please send your details/references to [email protected] 

Interviews will commence from August 1st onwards.

Job Type: Full-time

flowers florist


The media is full of environmental news lately; everybody is getting more conscious about the impact plastic and non-recyclable material can have on the earth. Our planet is giving us signs that something isn’t right. As a local business, we understand that we need to make smart choices for our customers, so we can all live more environmentally friendly lives.

In terms of what we need to think about as a flower shop, our products mainly focus on natural material and while we think because of this our carbon footprint must be sustainable; there are still materials involved are bad for our environment. 

The sundries industry is changing every day and while they are trying to improve the way they do things, it is not still 100% green. This can make being an environmentally conscious florist pretty challenging. With this in mind, we make the most suitable, and sustainably minded choices we can. Here is how we care for the world around us:

We are thrilled to see our customers being more conscious about these small but very important finishing touches. We are planning to introduce more changes to be kinder to our planet. Please continue to support us on our environmental journey. Make the right choice; support local, sustainable business.

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