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Saint Valentine’s Day Flowers


Saint Valentine’s Day Flowers

How did Saint Valentine’s Day Flowers come about? As far as we can see, the celebrations of this day go back to the year 496 A.D. There seem to have been a number of Saint Valentines that could be in the frame for the celebrations and we like to think it was the one who’s heart is in a church in Dublin’s Anger Street.

The colour red is the popular colour of the day because of the connection to the heart. When translated into the world of flowers this means the rose, the most popular by far because of the sensual and scent petals, tulips and also gerbera.

Saint Valentine's Day Flowers

Fresh red flowers send the clear and powerful message of intense romantic love. Red is the unquestioned colour of passion. Our designers try to ensure that all our red bouquets or red flower arrangements will convey love. But don’t forget pink. Pink flowers combine innocence, playfulness, and sensitivity. For some, pink flowers are the most romantic colour as they are not as intense as deep reds and therefore express a more simple feeling. We associate pink flowers traditionally with femininity, and with that association comes delicate and gentle connotations. Pink flowers include roses, gerberas, lillies, lisianthus and many more.

Saint Valentine's Day Flowers

Check out the Valentine’s day and the Love sections of our web shop. See what we have to help you celebrate this festival of romance! Don’t forget our Dublin delivery service.

A wedding just that little bit different


A wedding just that little bit different

This was a wedding just that little bit different. Every now and again, a couple comes along that just matches our style perfectly. We do enjoy all weddings. The formal wedding, the casual – all sorts. This one was different though! We love a challenge and we went with this all the way. Our designer listened carefully to the thoughts of this couple.



Gwen and Gavin knew they wanted something informal, that was for sure. They had no fixed ideas before arriving into the shop, so we all worked together to find the right solution for this one off wedding. The theme was simple and natural. The venue for the wedding ceremony itself was the Smock Alley theatre  with the reception upstairs in Fallon and Byrne.

The couple were steeped in luck with beautiful autumnal sunshine streaming through the white curtains for the afternoon.

Gwen’s bouquet was a masterpiece. There were lovely deep colours with a touch of romance, black, Bordeaux, pink, white… just look at the bouquet for yourselves.

(Photo: L.Zelenak)

Gavin and the best men each had different suits, but with matching orange ties. Fabulous! Therefore, we went with different buttonholes for each man with nothing matching. No formality.


(Photo: L.Zelenak)

For the ceremony, there was no traditional unity candle arrangement. Instead, we used an eco-friendly large jar with similar style of flowers from the brides bouquet giving the feel of  flowers just picked from the garden that day. They looked stunning.

In Smock alley we also did the pews and the arched as this was an autumnal wedding the style was harvest with Chinese lanterns (Physalis), wheat, oak leaves and craspedia. See the photograph below. The arch was tricky, but we loved the finished product.


The Reception

The celebration continued in Fallon & Byrne – guess what, there were no traditional arrangements! Gwen and Gavin went for tall glass jars filled with a similar style. All of the jars were (naturally!) different from each other although were very complimentary. Again, just link at the pictures below.


This couple love their music. As a result, each glass jar was accompanied by an album cover of Gwen and Gavin’s favourite artists. Very cool! We loved being a part of this happy day. Viva la difference! We were particularly delighted to be involved with this special occasion.














We wish this extraordinary couple a very happy future and all that life can bring.


All photographs ( otherwise noted) taken by the wonderful wedding photographer Elisha Clarke



Happy Green Door new year!


Happy Green Door new year!

Phew, it’s a Happy Green Door new Year!  We made it through the Christmas season just about. Hardly any family fights… There’s nothing left of the turkey except the soup. There’s nothing left of the chocolates except the gloopy cherry ones and there’s nothing on the telly…

Never mind, it’s party time again 🙂

We’re off out to friends, into town, neighbours street parties. It’s a new year, a new start and a new dawn for everyone.

We aim to please and we will do our best. Please bear in mind that our Dutch suppliers are a bit bonkers and don’t actually operate a full service until about 3rd January. They do still supply as best they can, given the markets are only half operating as well as the fact that the growers are closed for a few days themselves.

So, drop in to us, have a browse through our web shop and order online / call us and bring a little something to that new year’s eve party.

Our opening hours for these days:

28th of December: Closed

29th of December : 10am -3pm

30th of December: 10am – 3pm

31st of December : 11am – 3pm

1st of January ; CLOSED

2nd of January : CLOSED

3rd of January : 10am – 4pm

4th of January : back to normal 9am -6pm.



Happy Green Door new year



A very merry Green Door Christmas to you!


Green Door Christmas is here!

Happy Green Door Christmas! We love Christmas at Green Door. It is an annual highlight that beats all others. Filled with joy and happiness, we love to be a part of this Winter festival. When visiting family and friends we love to see berries and warm sparkling colours all around. Our designers have created a range of door wreaths, arrangements and bouquets that are hugely popular at this time of year. Working with natural products, fibres, flowers and also simple seasonal materials such as twigs and moss is a particular pleasure. We create from these gifts of nature, items that our customers bring to each other’s homes. This is a real privilege. We always try to go one step further. So, we have also created a selection of table trays, candles, gifts and unique decorations.

We love the chats that we have with our regular and new customers at this time of year. It is such a pleasure to watch everyone going from the “super-stressed” shopping zone to the “phew, we made it” collapsing zone.

So, we look forward to joining you in front of the fire, at the table and for an overdose of Christmas and new years movies and games. We delight in carols and awful cracker jokes. Please come in and tell us your tales of sleeping uncles, of whiskey punch and crazy family parties in the new year.

Our opening hours:

Monday 19th December: 9am- 6pm

Tuesday 20th December: 9am-6pm

Wednesday 21st December: 9am-6pm

Thursday 22nd December: 9am-8pm (a stretch in the evening!)

Friday 23rd December 8am-8pm (a long day – when will we do our shopping?!)

Saturday 24th 8am-3pm (quick – get home into the PJ’s Santy’s coming!)

Sunday 25th CLOSED – Happy Christmas 🙂

We’re also closed St. Stephen’s Day (Well, too many sweets…)

Now, we’re also closed 27th and 28th (well, who would be around. Everyone is horizontal and snoozing or fighting!)

29th: We’re back!! Stay in touch with the web shop / site for more details…


Green Door Christmas

Christmas Flowers / Wintertime hidden gems


Christmas Flowers / Wintertime hidden gems

I am just back inside from a walk in one of the more remote parts of Wexford in southeast Ireland. Now I have just sat down in front of my computer to write this latest blog where there are no cars and no distractions. This place is perfect for recharging the batteries and getting more ideas from nature …and here, we are much closer to nature, closer to its energy… I can feel the pace of life and nature itself at this time of year has slowed down to a crawl.

What nature offers us

Coming up to Christmas time, what can nature offer us to dress up our homes for these festive times? What alternatives to the ordinary and the other seasons? Winter time is about the sleeping time so we can work with what nature offers us. Obviously as things all around are in hibernation and are asleep, this seems very small, but there is still plenty enough for us to work with.

For example, there are loads of lovely twigs with no leaves, there is winter greenery such as populous eucalyptus and berries. These are perfect materials to start off with, or for example simply just to give us an extra finishing touch. Of course in cities everything can be much easier to access and makes it easier for us all to be surrounded by the simple winter gems.

We delight in using: dried fruits, cones, chestnuts, walnuts and anything that nature can provide. We can collect these throughout the year from late summer onwards and dry them out. These bits and pieces are perfect for rustic Christmas displays.

Whatever we decide to make, be it door wreaths, table arrangements, garlands… all these basic ingredients are available all around us….

To give a finishing touch, we can use cinnamon , cloves , candles and pretty pretty ribbons.

We are of course aw ever dying to hear your ideas. If you want something specific put into your arrangement, just talk to us and we are happy to work with you. Who knows, we might even learn something ourselves!

Christmas is definitely one of the most fun, colourful times of the year when it comes to floristry. The ideas are only limited by your imagination.


Christmas flowers / wintertime hidden gemsChristmas flowers / wintertime hidden gemsChristmas flowers / wintertime hidden gems



Experienced Florist Wanted


Experienced Florist Wanted

Upcoming experienced florist wanted for a very busy Dublin 3 Florist.

We kindly ask please do not apply for this role unless you can meet the following requirements:

The successful candidate must have a minimum of 3 years floristry experience. The successful candidate will be able to work in a fast paced environment using their initiative without the need of supervision.

Excellent experience is required in all areas of floristry. This includes in particular: bouquet preparation and presentation, all types of arrangements. Excellent spoken and written English is also a must. Good attention to detail and customer service, plus a good flair for trends, colours and creativity. Social Media experience will be an advantage.

This is initially a seasonal role and you must be willing to work long hours which will be flexible in a naturally cold environment prior to Christmas. It is a challenging, demanding but fun time for all involved in our quirky and creative business.

For the right candidate we are willing to look at extending the employment during other busy times. i.e. Valentines, Mother’s Day and possibly a long term part time role.

If you think you can professionally meet the above requirements please send your details/references to

Interviews will commence from December 1st onwards.

Experience Florist Wanted

We’re Four Years Old


The number four!

I can’t believe four years have gone since I decided to take over this quirky little flower shop, based in a really nice area in North Dublin in Killester, surrounded by Clontarf, Raheny and Fairview and Artane.

To celebrate our 4th year anniversary, we decided to thank our lovely customers this way :

We picked our 4 most popular flower products. Your job is to pick one, and make a comment on the one you would like to win.

Here are the 4 victims 🙂

1. Lonely bouquet

2. Mini milk bottle set (4)

3. Meadow in a jam jar

4. Autumn spirit

We will select the lucky winner in 444 hours. Good luck! 🙂

the number four






Second chances


Second Chances

Help us save flowers and horses!

Travelling on a plane is a perfect opportunity to spend some time on things which I haven’t done for a while. The phone is off, no need to worry about emails, phone voicemails, enquiries, business related issues.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but sometimes my hobbies lose their priority. Running my business takes plenty of time and energy and the good old hobbies lose priority. On the plane, suddenly I find that I can hide in my own little world, I put on my preferred music and read as much as I can. I opened up an old issue of National Geographic Magazine which I hadn’t had a chance to read yet and started to learn about food consumption, the massive issue of food waste and how much food is ending up being dumped. Simply because the standard isn’t quite up to the supermarket quality expectations. The food is quite edible, just not perfect to look at these stats

Of course, I then started to think about the flower industry. By the time the flowers get to our stores how many quality checks and different stages ave they been through? How many have been rejected for a small flaw? Some researchers say that as much as 50% of flowers are discarded before they ever been used. This made me think about how I can reduce the whole waste issue in my own shop and give second chances to these flowers.

It led me to this idea:

I am going to make up smaller mixed bunches made from slightly lower quality flowers (known as A2 flowers) still pretty of course, or flowers a little bit older. We will display the flowers with no price tag.

The customer can decide how much they are willing to pay for those bunches and leave the money in a special charity “honesty box” bedside the display. We will pass on all of the money that comes through these sales as a donation. We support My Lovely Horse Rescue  These guys are great warriors, they are standing up for animals who, sort of like the flowers above, have been neglected, who are suffering or are just a little bit old. This charity gives the animals a second chance too…
They mainly rescue horses, donkeys and ponies. But on their farm you can also find rescued cats, dogs, goats and even Wilbur the celebrity pig. He even has his own Facebook page! These guys also understand second chances. Special thank you goes to Martina Kenny for the great photos!
So, spread the word and help us by supporting our initiative and telling others about it too.
What other ideas will hit me the next time I’m on a plane I wonder!

Come closer! – 360 tour of Green Door Florist


360 tour comes to Green Door 🙂

This 360 tour from Google is something that we have been dying to put onto the site for a while now. We are getting increasing online orders for flower deliveries in Dublin from abroad. Australia, Canada, USA, France, Germany, Britain and more are frequently using the online shop.

The full range of products available online because of the innovative initiative. Not only that, but potential customers can browse around our little shop and get a feel for the shop.

Special thank you goes to Richard Wall for his great job!

Have a look at our first attempt and check out the shop here

Debs season is here!!!


Debs season is here!!!

We love this time of year when the debs balls get into full swing. What a fun time of year with the excitement of the debutante balls meaning that  young couples arrive in ordinary housing estates in stretch limousines like young movie stars. The champagne parties, the dresses – what’s not to like!

Young ladies traditionally arrived onto the social scene during the debs ball season which is where the tradition comes from.

Young men are more than happy to facilitate the tradition and the idea is going from strength to strength. Sporting a fancy buttonhole, the young man typically arrives at the debutante’s house with a gift of a corsage on a pearl bracelet for her and for the professional, a small bouquet for the mother.

Packages are available to suit all tastes and budgets so why not drop in, ring us to get organised.



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