Green Door Christmas is here!

Happy Green Door Christmas! We love Christmas at Green Door. It is an annual highlight that beats all others. Filled with joy and happiness, we love to be a part of this Winter festival. When visiting family and friends we love to see berries and warm sparkling colours all around. Our designers have created a range of door wreaths, arrangements and bouquets that are hugely popular at this time of year. Working with natural products, fibres, flowers and also simple seasonal materials such as twigs and moss is a particular pleasure. We create from these gifts of nature, items that our customers bring to each other’s homes. This is a real privilege. We always try to go one step further. So, we have also created a selection of table trays, candles, gifts and unique decorations.

We love the chats that we have with our regular and new customers at this time of year. It is such a pleasure to watch everyone going from the “super-stressed” shopping zone to the “phew, we made it” collapsing zone.

So, we look forward to joining you in front of the fire, at the table and for an overdose of Christmas and new years movies and games. We delight in carols and awful cracker jokes. Please come in and tell us your tales of sleeping uncles, of whiskey punch and crazy family parties in the new year.

Our opening hours:

Monday 19th December: 9am- 6pm

Tuesday 20th December: 9am-6pm

Wednesday 21st December: 9am-6pm

Thursday 22nd December: 9am-8pm (a stretch in the evening!)

Friday 23rd December 8am-8pm (a long day – when will we do our shopping?!)

Saturday 24th 8am-3pm (quick – get home into the PJ’s Santy’s coming!)

Sunday 25th CLOSED – Happy Christmas 🙂

We’re also closed St. Stephen’s Day (Well, too many sweets…)

Now, we’re also closed 27th and 28th (well, who would be around. Everyone is horizontal and snoozing or fighting!)

29th: We’re back!! Stay in touch with the web shop / site for more details…


Green Door Christmas