Happy Green Door new year!

Phew, it’s a Happy Green Door new Year!  We made it through the Christmas season just about. Hardly any family fights… There’s nothing left of the turkey except the soup. There’s nothing left of the chocolates except the gloopy cherry ones and there’s nothing on the telly…

Never mind, it’s party time again 🙂

We’re off out to friends, into town, neighbours street parties. It’s a new year, a new start and a new dawn for everyone.

We aim to please and we will do our best. Please bear in mind that our Dutch suppliers are a bit bonkers and don’t actually operate a full service until about 3rd January. They do still supply as best they can, given the markets are only half operating as well as the fact that the growers are closed for a few days themselves.

So, drop in to us, have a browse through our web shop and order online / call us and bring a little something to that new year’s eve party.

Our opening hours for these days:

28th of December: Closed

29th of December : 10am -3pm

30th of December: 10am – 3pm

31st of December : 11am – 3pm

1st of January ; CLOSED

2nd of January : CLOSED

3rd of January : 10am – 4pm

4th of January : back to normal 9am -6pm.



Happy Green Door new year