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  • Country Meadow

    SKU: Country Meadow.
    €40.00€70.00 Select options
  • Mini Milk Bottle Basket Garden

    SKU: Mini Milk Bottle Basket Garden.
    €40.00€60.00 Select options
  • Pink Lily Bouquet

    SKU: Pink Lily Bouquet.
    €40.00€60.00 Select options
  • Hand tied mixed bouquet displayed in a classic recycled glass jar

    SKU: Hand tied mixed bouquet in recycled jar.
    €60.00€75.00 Select options
  • White Lily Bouquet

    SKU: White Lily Bouquet.
    €40.00€60.00 Select options
  • Jam jar messages!

    SKU: Jam jar messages.
    €30.00€50.00 Select options
  • Phalaenopsis Orchid Arrangement

    SKU: Phalaenopsis orchid arrangement.
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  • Out of Stock

    Moulded Glass Vase / Wood Piece

    SKU: Moulded glass over wood.
    €55.00€75.00 Select options
  • Luxury Table Arrangement

    SKU: Luxury Table Arrangement.
    €70.00€100.00 Select options
  • Out of Stock

    Meadow Bark Pot

    SKU: Meadow Bark Pot.
    €25.00 Read More
  • Meadow in a Jar

    SKU: Meadow in a Jar.
    €35.00€50.00 Select options
  • Mixed Lily Bouquet

    SKU: Mixed Lily Bouquet.
    €40.00€60.00 Select options
  • Pink Dreams

    SKU: Pink Dream.
    €40.00€70.00 Select options
  • Orchid Pot Plant

    SKU: Orchid plant in a pot.
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