Saint Valentine’s Day Flowers

How did Saint Valentine’s Day Flowers come about? As far as we can see, the celebrations of this day go back to the year 496 A.D. There seem to have been a number of Saint Valentines that could be in the frame for the celebrations and we like to think it was the one who’s heart is in a church in Dublin’s Anger Street.

The colour red is the popular colour of the day because of the connection to the heart. When translated into the world of flowers this means the rose, the most popular by far because of the sensual and scent petals, tulips and also gerbera.

Saint Valentine's Day Flowers

Fresh red flowers send the clear and powerful message of intense romantic love. Red is the unquestioned colour of passion. Our designers try to ensure that all our red bouquets or red flower arrangements will convey love. But don’t forget pink. Pink flowers combine innocence, playfulness, and sensitivity. For some, pink flowers are the most romantic colour as they are not as intense as deep reds and therefore express a more simple feeling. We associate pink flowers traditionally with femininity, and with that association comes delicate and gentle connotations. Pink flowers include roses, gerberas, lillies, lisianthus and many more.

Saint Valentine's Day Flowers

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