International Lonely Bouquet Day 2016

July 10, 2016

International Lonely Bouquet Day

It's lonely bouquet day in Green Door Florist! It is always a pleasure to work with flowers at the best of times. However, sometimes we enjoy spreading smiles and showing the love throughout the year. On random days from time to time, we deliver flowers all over the city in small decorative tins. We leave them in assorted public spots with a note telling the person who finds our lonely bouquet, to take it away and give it a good home. This always gets a good reaction.

The notes say:

"The Lonely Bouquet

Adopt me, please! I’m all alone and looking for a new home… perhaps I can live with you or a loved one? Our flower friends would love to hear from us and find out where we ended up! Please let them know at:, or"

This summer on the last Sunday in June, this has become a tradition all over the world! We are delighted to have been one of the first florists in Ireland to join in on this lovely initiative and we have been doing this for the last three years.

This summer, we have done three lonely bouquet days so far. The reactions are always positive from some very happy people! Here are a few:

Lonely Bouquet Day Flower Delivery Clontarf

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