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Weddings! At Green Door Florist we are passionate about weddings

weddings - wedding flowers - wedding bouquet DublinBrides love our simple style. So do grooms! We have over twenty years experience in creating stunning wedding flower arrangements. Whether it is an informal family affair or a larger wedding, we will help you create the perfect day. We will supply gorgeous flowers tailor made to your personal taste, desires and dreams. We will make your day 🙂

International brides coming to Ireland love us for weddings. Ireland is the land of one thousand welcomes. Green Door Florist weddings section welcomes you too! Come and call to us. Our first consultation is free. Meet with the florist who will design your arrangements and bouquets for the big day. The design session will also cover button holes, pew arrangements and corsages. Pedestals and candle accessories are also covered. Of course we put extra love and attention into the bride’s bouquet!

When you think of Irish weddings, you think of  lots of Guinness but we are changing this, one wedding at a time. We want weddings to be all about your joy and celebrations of course. We also want your day to be about flowers! We won’t let you down.

Our Weddings Packages

Our prices are competitive. We try to keep a balance between quality and good value. We do offer wedding packages which you can read about below.
Contact us for more information on our services and wedding packages. Or arrange a consultation to discuss your big day. We look forward to meeting you soon.

T: + 353 (01) 833 6268

Wedding Package 1

  • Bridal Bouquet

  • 3 Bridesmaids Bouquets

  • 1 Flower girl Bouquet

  • 2 Ladies Corsages

  • 6 Gents Buttonholes

  • 2 Church Pedestals

Total: €450.00

Wedding Package 2

  • Bride

  • 2 maids

  • 4 gents

  • 2 corsages

  • 1 altar

Total: €250.00

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