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"As long as I can remember, I’ve adored flowers!"
Read on below to find out more about Lilla's extensive experience as a Dublin florist and her passion for infusing originality into her arrangements.

About Our Shop

We are an online and real life florist shop! Our e-shop makes it easy for you to order flowers online at your own convenience, any time of the day. You can have flowers delivered to your home or office, or sent to your loved ones at the click of a button.

The Green Door Florist is located in Clontarf, Dublin. The shop is easy to spot as it is on a corner and usually has a beautiful floral display outside. It is a very unique shop with its own personality that stands out from the crowd.  

People always comment that our shop is like no florist they’ve ever visited before and we like it that way.  We work hard to keep our individuality alive.

About Our Ethos

In defiance to the modern trend for high street chain stores, we are making a stand for independent businesses.  We are proud of our distinctive personality and we carry this through to our customer service.

We know our regular customers well, which flowers they love and which they don’t.  In fact, many of our regulars and our neighbours become firm friends who pop in for a chat as they’re passing.

We believe that in this era of faceless brands and chatbots, we can provide a special service with that personal touch.  In just the same way you have your trusted dentist or hairdresser, we aim to be your trusted florist, where you return time and time again.

About Our Flowers

Our Flowers

We’re very particular about the quality of our exquisite flowers. We ensure that every bouquet we create is of the highest quality so that they are as fresh as possible when you receive them. People always tell us that they’re impressed with how long our flowers last.

We offer a wide selection of styles, from traditional to contemporary, including bouquets, arrangements in a vase, seasonal wreaths and table decorations.

Our Style

Whilst we have a range of products including some very traditional styles, our preferred style is more unique. We love a loose and relaxed feel, especially with a meadow feel which is always very popular with our customers, and other contemporary styles exploring exciting new colours and combinations.

About Our Owner

Who is Lilla?

I bought Green Door Florist in 2013, after working here for seven years as an employee. Owning my own business is a dream come true for me and I have enjoyed every minute since. I have the opportunity to bring my own sense of style and my floristry training to fruition and I am having a fantastic time doing it!


My passion for floristry started years ago as a small child whilst watching my grandmother in her garden. She loved her flowers and plants, and would spend hours tending to them.  

At the time one of her favourites was a near black tulip which was rare then but common now. I was amazed at the combinations and contrasts you could get from nature and this started me on my floristry journey.

My grandmother’s simple style has left me drawn to earthy, natural textures and colours. I love watching how the flowers transform through the seasons, how the shop’s personality and colour scheme changes from month to month.

I prefer to stay true to nature and work with the seasons. Flowers become boring when they’re available all year round. When we follow nature, every few months we get to rediscover the beautiful flora of the current season and challenge our creativity to work with what’s available.


Flowers have always been a big part of my life. When I trained in horticulture I specialised in floristry so I could experience more of that exciting mixture of nature and design.

I used to help out local florists seasonally and I’ve always done my own arrangements at home. When I came to Ireland, I came to work at Green Door Florist, and now I’ve spent over 15 years in this lovely little shop.

I love experimenting with colour and texture, trying out new trends and techniques. There’s always something new arriving in the flower world, and there’s always something new to discover. I regularly attend floral design classes, to keep up with the latest trends and skills.

My passion from my Granny’s garden is still as strong today as it ever was. I hope to share it with you through my designs.

featured on

Green Door Florist is the home of the Lonely Bouquet in Ireland and the birthplace of the Second Chances concept.

Lonely Bouquet

We absolutely adore the idea of Lonely Bouquet Day!

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s an annual event when florists around the world leave out cute little bouquets and posies to spread a little happiness to people on the street. Whoever finds the arrangement is welcome to adopt the flowers and take them home.

We love the idea so much that we started doing it on random days from time to time, leaving flowers around the city of Dublin to share the love and bring a smile to some stranger’s face.

We leave the flowers in various public locations in a small decorative tin with a note asking a passerby to give them a good home.

See more and our special guest appearance on TV3 at International Lonely Bouquet Day.

Second Chances

A friend of mine rescues animals of all types, particularly horses. It struck me that in my business, so many flowers don’t make the grade and they are rejected like the poor animals at my friend’s shelter.

Whilst necessary to create perfect bouquets to sell in our shop, we really hate to waste anything! Especially since many of these ‘rejects’, whilst not perfect, are still beautiful. So we decided to give away the rejected flowers in exchange for voluntary donations to my friend’s animal rescue charity, My Lovely Horse Rescue.

You’ll find the Second Chances flowers outside our shop next to an honesty box where you can leave a donation of your choice. This way we use our rejected flowers to help the poor rejected animals.

See more about this idea at Second Chances


  • “Many thanks and as always a super service #yourareawesome!”
    — Karen Moloney, Editorial News Room Administrator, Irish independent
  • “Lilla, Many thanks for the lovely bouquets which we commisioned for St.Patrick’s College last week. They were exactly to order, the flowers were fresh and beautifully presented. I would be happy to ask The Green Door to provide flowers for us again.”
    — Theresa O'Farrell, President's Office
  • “Sunshine in a jam jar! Thanks for these beautiful flowers, they are just what I was looking for”
    — Kara Cullin
  • “Best flower shop and the nicest welcome for miles. Love the lonely bouquet idea and my weekends are spent searching!! Heading here to get my table decorations for the weekend. I can just rely on The Green Door Florist for some lovely ideas.
    Always love my flowers from The Green Door.”
    — Brenda Larby
  • “Lilla supplied the most beautiful flowers to my brother and sister and law at their wedding…”
    — Alanna Feeney
  • “Well done to The Green Door Florist I had never heard of the lonely bouquet but think this is such a lovely idea congratulations for getting involved in this and I’m sure you made some people very happy well done guys.”
    — Wendy Mc Nulty
  • “I would like to say big thank you for the flowers from The Green Door Florist. I’ve got them 2 weeks now and they still look very nice and fresh. Thank you very much!”
    — Len Ka
  • “Lilla your flowers are always a success! But it's not always about success, sometimes you just feel that you want to give something beautiful, so that person who gets it share happiness with you!”
    — Edgar Zakis
  • “I live in NY and sent flowers to a friend who lived in Dublin. I am so glad that I found Lilla at Green Door. She put together a stunning bouquet that my friend absolutely adored. Not only did Lilla go out of the way to call me when I couldn't get through to the shop, but she also redelivered the flowers when I unknowingly supplied an incorrect address. She fixed it all with a smile. What a professional and kind person! Will definitely use Lilla at The Green Door Florist the next time I must send a statement with flowers. Thank you, Lilla!”
    — Jennifer S.
  • “Thank you for the amazing flowers and for setting up the church so well! The bouquets were breathtaking, to say the least. Absolutely surpassed my expectations. Thank you for everything.”
    — Anne & Lenny
  • “Lilla we wanted to send on our thanks for the beautiful flowers and foliage you and Ingrid created for our wedding. We really loved them, in particular, the hair pieces. We had such a fantastic day and received so many positive comments on the work you created. ”
    — Avril
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