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Photo 16-11-2015 16 03 25My name is Lilla. I worked in Green Door for seven years and in 2013, I bought this tiny florist shop for myself. Owning my own business is a dream come true for me and I have enjoyed every minute since. I have had the opportunity to bring my own sense of style and my floristry training to fruition and I am having a fantastic time doing it! My passion for floristry started years ago as a small child whilst watching my grandmother in her garden. She loved her flowers and plants and would spend hours tending to them. Her simple style has left me drawn to earthy natural textures and colours with a continental feel.

At the time one of her favourites was a near black tulip which was rare then but common now. I was amazed at the combinations and contrasts you could get from nature and this started me on my floristry journey.

I studied horticulture and specialised in floristry loving that exciting mix of nature and design.

a-beautiful-black-tulipThere’s always something new arriving in the flower world, and I regularly attend floral design classes, learning new trends and skills. My passion from my Granny’s garden is still as strong today as ever, and I hope you enjoy reading about the next steps of the journey and coming with me on it.


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