How To Colour Match Wedding Flowers

September 27, 2018

Choosing the right wedding flowers can be the source of stress for a lot of couples. At Green Door Florists, we focus on keeping your special day special. We manage this by being experts at what we do; leave the stressing to us! Here are some hot tips on how to choose the perfect colour combinations for your wedding day.


Working within a colour harmony will give your wedding a co-ordinated look that will enhance your wedding gown and your bridesmaids’ dresses; keeping everyone happy. The perfect place to start is deciding on the overall feel and atmosphere you’d like your wedding to have. We can help with that! Flower arrangements and flower species can have a profound effect on the ambiance of your special day.


The key to having an elegant floral arrangement for your wedding is simple: either have the flowers match or contrast with your theme. If your dream is of a classic white wedding, either stick to a Madonna Lily or go wild with red roses. By staying ‘white-on-white’ you will achieve a clean, longer silhouette. Introducing contrasting colours will show off the flowers to their maximum effect, but may take away from the details of your gown. The other option is using a tonal bouquet. This can give a romantic feeling i.e. pink tones matched with a red dress, but does mean sticking strictly to one colour theme for all of your wedding accessories. The most popular choices for wedding bouquets are white, cream, burgundy and red.  


Using a colour wheel is the most effective way of creating a colour harmony. This requires building on the three patterns already discussed; Matching colours, contrasting colours, and tonal colours. Matching colours, or analogous colours, are any three colours that are next to one another on the colour wheel. In terms of choosing bouquets for your wedding, this is why white flowers with varying shades of greenery works so well together. This can be a good choice for contemporary flower arrangements. It often creates an elegant, fresh, and restful finish. Contrasting colours are two colours that are opposite each other on a colour wheel. By making decisions based on the colour wheel, you can be sure you are choosing colours that will accentuate the mood you are trying to achieve.

colour wheel colour matching flowers

Lastly, tonal choices or monochromatic colours, are colours in the same column on a colour wheel. These compatible colours are good choices for small wedding bouquets as they create an effortlessly balanced and simple design. Monochromatic colours often suit a bridesmaids’ bouquet as they complement a brightly coloured dress more easily than a white one.


Choosing wedding flowers online, or in person, can seem like a complicated affair. Using a colour wheel is the easiest way to create a colour harmony, and apply it to your wedding theme. Here at Green Door we have years of experience and expertise to help you to achieve your ideal look. We want to help you to choose the perfect floral composition of traditional, contemporary, personal, fun, whatever suits you!

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