The Benefits Of Choosing A Flower Shop Over Supermarket Flowers

October 8, 2018


The question of ‘Florist vs Supermarket’ always arises when buying flower arrangements but the benefits of purchasing from your local flower always trumps choosing a supermarket’s sub-par bouquet. The idea that a flower shop is less convenient or costs more money is a myth. Here at Green Door Flowers, we have ready-made bouquets for every birthday, wedding, funeral, and christening, or just to add colour to your home. We all know that buying local is good for everyone; supporting local business is good for the economy, your community, and the planet! We deliver to every area of Dublin, meaning that choosing Green Door has never been easier.


Flower Shop Front Green Door Florist


By using your local florist, you get the best quality fresh flowers, that you can also pre-order. If you have a hankering for something more exotic we can do special orders for specific flowers. This gives you the freedom to select, design and combine and mix what you want from the wide range selection of flowers.


Supermarket flowers are often short lived unfortunately because the flowers aren’t given the necessary care to keep them fresh and healthy. While they may cost slightly less, the lifespan means that you’re out of pocket in the long run. The selection is also limited at a supermarket as flowers are not their main concern. This means that they’re less suitable for a special occasion.


Florists are qualified for a reason; getting advice on how to look after your arrangement is good for your pocket, as you get the most out of your bouquet. We can tailor flower arrangements according to seasons and trends, meaning that your flowers will be a selection of seasonal blooms. Need an apology bouquet for your spouse in double-time? You do not want to get this wrong, believe us! We can help you make the right choices efficiently and have our cards do the talking for you. At Green Door we believe it’s all in the details; adding cards or candles to your birthday flowers makes the difference. The experience of purchasing becomes more unique with finishing touches.


There is a personal touch to choosing Green Door Flowers; we focus on the specifics. When you’re not around to say Happy Birthday to a loved one, we show up. Our delivery service ensures that a special occasion never has to be missed. Supporting small, local business fosters a sense of community that is lost by big brand businesses. Making the choice to shop locally takes a minute of your time, but can make our day. We love flowers of every type and are here to help you make colourful, beautiful, memories with your loved ones.




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