How To Choose The Right Flowers for a Birthday

October 17, 2018

Birthday presents can be a tricky affair, but flowers are a classic way of showing someone how much they mean to you. At Green Door, we have bouquets for every occasion but what is most important to us is that you feel you can put your own personal stamp on your gift.



The choice of flower will depend on the style and taste of the person receiving the bouquet. An elegant white arrangement, a fun and floral splash of colour, or an earnest dozen of red roses; whatever the occasion, we have the perfect thing for you. If you’re not sure what tone you’d like to set, going for neutral colours are best; oranges, yellows, greens and whites always go down a treat!


Birth Month

An easy way to choose birthday flowers is to go by their birth month flowers. Here is a list of flowers normally associated with each month:

January: Carnation, February: Iris, March: Daffodil, April: Sweet Pea, May: Lily, June: Rose, July: Larkspur, August: Gladiolus, September: Aster, October: Marigold, November: Chrysanthemum, December: Poinsettia.

Sticking to this list ensures that you get the tone right!


The Message

This can go overlooked by people, as there is a tendency to forget that there will be a card attached. At Green Door florists we care about the small things. Having a personalised message can make the gift of real flowers that bit more special. Flowers with a birthday card can be an entire present if done in a sensitive and intimate way.


When in doubt, seasonal flowers are a good option as this is when the species will be at their strongest. Like fruit and vegetables, flowers are best in their natural season. If a person is going to plant their gift afterward, make sure to choose a potted option. Another thing to remember is where in their life the flowers will be going. If they have a small office, or a big dining table, you want to make sure they’ll fit in the intended location. Last of all, make sure to double check that the person receiving your beautiful gift doesn’t have any allergies to scented flowers!


At the end of the day, a florist knows best. Come into Green Door, give us a call, or drop us an email if you’d like any advice on your birthday flower dilemma. We have premade birthday bouquets online to choose from, or you can make your own. There is a perception that flowers can be a difficult thing to choose, but with the right advice, they can the perfect gift for any occasion, especially birthdays. At the end of the day, it’s about what the person would enjoy the most (not you!), and this is our specialty at Green Door. Tailor making specialist birthday flowers and gifts, whether it's for a special someone, or a work colleague, at Green Door, we are the experts. The best birthday flowers are the most thoughtful ones.

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