Be More Kind To Our Planet

April 15, 2019

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The media is full of environmental news lately; everybody is getting more conscious about the impact plastic and non-recyclable material can have on the earth. Our planet is giving us signs that something isn’t right. As a local business, we understand that we need to make smart choices for our customers, so we can all live more environmentally friendly lives.

In terms of what we need to think about as a flower shop, our products mainly focus on natural material and while we think because of this our carbon footprint must be sustainable; there are still materials involved are bad for our environment. 

The sundries industry is changing every day and while they are trying to improve the way they do things, it is not still 100% green. This can make being an environmentally conscious florist pretty challenging. With this in mind, we make the most suitable, and sustainably minded choices we can. Here is how we care for the world around us:


  • We make sure our hand-tied flower bouquets are wrapped in recyclable paper.
  • We strive to innovate in areas where we are currently failing: we are trying to find a more recyclable solution for the water bag.
  • We have started to use vases and glass containers that were previously mini milk bottles to reduce damaging our plant.
  • For other types of arrangements such as hatboxes, wooden boxes, arrangement, and funeral arrangements, OASIS have introduced a new biodegradable foam. This has made a big difference to our carbon footprint.
  • Raffia is always used as a ribbon, which is a natural product, instead of plastic based. 


We are thrilled to see our customers being more conscious about these small but very important finishing touches. We are planning to introduce more changes to be kinder to our planet. Please continue to support us on our environmental journey. Make the right choice; support local, sustainable business.

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