A Christmas Like No Other

November 28, 2020

After such a strange year, we’re ready for Christmas and really feeling the need to celebrate!  But even though we’ll still have our Christmas traditions, things will feel a little bit different.

So here at Green Door Florist, we decided to do something different this holiday season.  We’ve redesigned our Christmas selection, and we thought we’d let you have a little glimpse of what’s in store this year!

We will still have a number of products in keeping with tradition (with a sophisticated twist), but we also wanted to get a little wild and add a touch of the dramatic!  So we’ve created a few really new and exciting arrangements to the mix.

Getting Back to Nature

When I was studying floristry in horticultural school, we always followed the seasons and used local materials.  In winter that meant that we were limited to evergreens and dried flowers, and we had to be really creative to make the most of our limited resources. 

I’ve always loved this idea of getting back to nature and making the most of what’s around us locally.  So that’s our plan this year - stay close to home and be kind to nature.


A New Take on The Traditional

We wanted to keep an element of the traditional in our new designs, so we have some table decorations and bouquets available in the usual red and green...with a twist!  

We’ve incorporated the same wonderful muted greens that we used last year as the basis of our palette and deepened the red ever so slightly to a rich ruby shade. 

We have plenty of green foliage, fronds of pine cinnamon sticks, pine cones and red berries, but this year our blooms are a little more exotic, featuring such beauties as grevillea and banksia.

A Touch of Drama

For a little excitement this year, we’ve added some eye-catching new creations that are simply a feast for the eyes.

Our Christmas lantern takes the traditional red and green palette, but we’ve styled it for a really dramatic effect, adding incredible azure thistles and an abundance of grevillea, creating a magnificent bouquet that simply cannot be ignored.  

Our winter bouquet has transformed into a gentle beauty, capturing the elegance of those muted colours; combining lilac, sage, sangria and aubergine with a misty, cornflower blue.

Let’s Celebrate!

Of course, it won’t be quite the same as other years, but we’re determined to make the most of it and find safe ways to have a good time.  Decorating our homes is one way we can really make things feel special this Christmas.  

We hope you enjoy our new designs.  They’ll be available online soon.


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