Christmas Wreaths for Graves

December 1, 2020

Christmas Wreath on Grave

Christmas is traditionally a time for reconnecting with family and friends, so it’s understandable that our minds also turn to loved ones we have lost.  It’s a wonderful act of remembrance to visit the cemetery and take with us a gift for the graveside.

Decorating Graves 

Decorating graves with flowers is an ancient tradition, dating back to Ancient Greece or longer, used as a way to honour and respect our loved ones who have passed.  So great is this tradition that it has become a formal affair with wreath laying ceremonies now common on national remembrance days.  

On a personal level, it’s a way for us to keep the memory of our loved ones alive and gives us an opportunity to reflect on the joy they brought into our lives.

Choosing the Right Wreath

The word ‘wreath’ usually brings to mind the traditional circular wreath, so commonly seen gracing front doors in the Christmas season.  However, wreaths don’t have to be circles, and we offer a range of wreaths and arrangements suitable for graves.  

Traditional Christmas Wreaths

Traditional Wreath with Pine Cones

The traditional Christmas wreath is a circular shape, generally using evergreen branches, pine cones, red berries, and maybe a red ribbon or two.  

There’s a long history behind the use of the traditional circular wreath, having no beginning or end, which has long represented unity and the sun, and with Christian times, it became a symbol of eternal life and the omnipresence of God.  

There’s also significance to the particular flora used.  Evergreens represent strength - around New Year, the Early Romans gave gifts of green branches representing health and resilience - and with Christianity, victory of the eternal spirit over death.  Pine cones and flowers also came to represent life and resurrection.  

In modern times, Christmas wreaths are hung on the front door as an invitation of the spirit of Christmas to enter the home and bring luck, but also as a symbol to all that they are welcome.  It’s natural that families would want to share these sentiments with loved ones no longer present.

Here at Green Door Florist, we love the idea of following the seasons, using materials that are available at Christmas, like evergreens, berries, cones and twigs, but we also like to add a little extra to our Christmas arrangements, by adding special touches like cinnamon, bright red apples and other dried fruits, even luxurious flowers.  Take a look at our range of wreaths below.

Take a look at our Traditional Fresh Door Wreath.  This is a fairly classic red and green Christmas wreath.

Traditional Fresh Door Wreath

Then there’s our Fresh Fruity Wreath Here, we’ve livened up the traditional wreath by adding a selection of fresh and dried fruits for extra colour.

Fresh Fruity Wreath

For something a little more alternative, we created the Festive Door Wreath with a TwistThis is a really different take on the traditional wreath.

Festive Door Wreath with a Twist

Or, if you really prefer something simple and more traditional for sympathy, we have the White Round Wreath.  This is a very elegant and extremely versatile wreath in traditional white, perfect for the graveside.

White Round Wreath

Alternative Shapes/Styles of Wreath

Wreaths don’t have to be circles.  In fact, we can create a range of alternative arrangements that are suitable for graves.

The posy is a popular option for sympathy flowers.  This is a round wreath without a hole in the middle.  Frequently this is formed from an abundance of flowers for a really luxurious feel.  However, if you’re looking for something more Christmassy, we can create something specially for you in a posy shape, with that traditional Christmas feel. 

The sheer bouquet is another good option for graves.  This is a flat bouquet, which makes it easily portable, and easy to lay on the grave.  No water required is required for this bouquet.  Again, this arrangement can be customised to your requirements. 

Custom Made Wreaths & Arrangements

Alma's Pure White Bouquet

At Green Door Florist, our signature style is informal and free flow, but we can customise your arrangement in the style that you prefer.  Whether you want traditional white blooms in a structured style, a loose arrangement of traditional lilies, or something informal and colourful, we can cater to your own tastes.

We find that sympathy flowers are more and more moving away from the traditional plain white and we frequently get requests for sympathy arrangements full of colour, or meadow style bouquets as a celebration of life rather than an expression of sadness.  

Available Colours

Funeral Spray

For ladies we can offer traditional pink, purple & white or white & green with an accent colour of your choice.

For gentlemen we can offer stronger colours including red, yellow, purple & orange, or alternatively white & green with an accent colour.

For gender neutral, simple displays, we can offer white & green.  Or for an anniversary for mixed genders we can mix a range of colours to suit your taste.

How To Order

If you’re interested in a ready made product from our site, go ahead and order online or call us to order.  For custom made wreaths and arrangements, please call or email with details of type of flower/foliage, colours, and style requests.  

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