Why are Flowers so Expensive?

November 17, 2021

We’ve had a few customers asking lately…so we thought we’d share with you what’s going on in the flower industry. We’ll also give you some suggestions to help ensure you make the most of your flowers and get more for your money!

We Lost Crops

Covid has affected so many aspects of our lives over the last year or so, and it’s been the same in the flower industry.  When covid arrived, many flower producers lost their staff, and without staff to tend the flowers, it was too costly to try and keep growing them, knowing the quality would undoubtedly be affected, so many crops were pulled out.

Increased Demand

Whilst millions of people around the world sat at home in isolation, they chose to send flowers to loved ones as a token of affection, so forcing suppliers to bid higher and higher for the limited stocks, therefore driving prices up.

Slow Production

Due to the lack of mother plants (because crops were pulled up last year) and combined with bad weather, production has been slow to catch up to pre-covid levels, so maintaining pressure on suppliers and keeping prices high.

More Weddings

Understandably, this year there’s been an increase in the number of weddings, due to the number that were postponed last year, so increasing demand further.

Increased Costs

Covid and Brexit have affected both the supply and transport of not just flowers, but other materials; potted plants, wrapping & packaging materials, vases, etc, driving up these prices too.

It’s Not All Doom & Gloom!

Despite all the problems we’ve had keeping the flowers available, we’re still here with lots of options to choose from! Take a look around the site at all the lovely flowers that are currently on offer.

What Can You DO?

The main advice is, where possible, to be flexible about your flowers. Understand that we cannot guarantee our products will be identical to the image you see on the site and that we may have to make substitutions with similar flowers or colours. Trust us to choose suitable substitutions in keeping with the product you’ve chosen.

In circumstances where you can’t avoid requesting a specific flower, please order early to give us plenty of time to source your request. For weddings, contact us extra early and at our one to one consultation we’ll figure together the best way to ensure that you get amazing wedding flowers on the day!

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