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This beauty is a firm customer favourite - we bring you our Amaryllis Vase - to make your amaryllis centrepiece easy.

Amaryllis are absolutely stunning flowers, with their large, elegant blooms formed from rich, maroon-coloured petals  accentuated with white tips and white stamen. As if the colour alone weren't enough to make these the ideal Christmas flower, they're also a long lasting bloom, perfect for the festive season.

In this arrangement, we've teamed the amaryllis up with a selection of foliage in deep, grass greens and silvery tones to really enhance the reds. We added generous handfuls of ruby red hypericum berries and sprinklings of pretty wax flower and as a final touch a lush, red velvet ribbon to decorate the vase.

You just can't go wrong with this wonderful arrangement, traditional colours and timeless beauty. A wonderful centrepiece for the dining table or perfect above the fireplace.

You may reuse the vase by refilling it. When you place your refill order please keeping in mind that the flower combination may vary seasonally and may not be identical to the original arrangement but will be as close as possible.

*Products & Design are subject to availability.

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