Bryony's Christmas Candle

This is a traditional table arrangement with a few exotic touches.  We've taken a selection of deep reds and greens to create a classic arrangement that is sure to grace any table or sideboard.

There's a wonderful variety of rich ruby-red and maroon tones from hypericum berries, achillea and green eyed roses, combined with banksia for that exotic magic.  The foliage has incredible shades of silvery jade and frosty pink from pine, eucalyptus, skimmia, and leucodendron which gives a lovely vintage feel.

It's all set in wonderful rustic bark, with pine cones and bundles of cinnamon sticks create a festive mood.

You'll know Christmas is really here with this fabulous arrangement in the room.  Buy yours today!

(Please note that whilst this product will be available after 21st December, it may not appear exactly as in the photo due to fluctuations in supply over the Christmas period.  To ensure you get the same ingredients as in the photo, order before 21st December.)

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