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It’s nearly time for your debs!  You have your outfit planned, hair and make up booked, now it’s time for the corsage.  You’re looking for the perfect arrangement to compliment your dress, something beautiful for your big event, something timeless that you’ll be able to keep to remind you of this special time.

We have three styles for you to choose from; rose, orchid or boho.

  • Rose has a classic, romantic rose, nestled into a spray of dainty flowers and foliage.
  • Orchid is a statement piece, bold in it’s simplicity, made up of an orchid flower and greenery.
  • Boho is a combination of flowers, fluid in design with a pretty wildflower feel.

Each corsage can be colour coordinated with your outfit (just give us details in the message section), both with the flowers we use and the accompanying satin ribbons, to create a one-of-a-kind design.  The wristband is fixed onto a pretty pearl band which will slip on easily and accommodate a range of wrist sizes. If you have a request for specific flowers to be used or any other specific requirements, please call in to the shop to discuss your preferences.

Please take care with your corsage, we guarantee flowers will last for 24 hours, but as they are fresh flowers, they are delicate and you need to be gentle with them.  Before the event, please keep the corsage in a cool, dark place (not in direct sunlight, but not in the fridge either!). If you take care with your flowers, after the event you can dry them out to keep them as a memento.

*Products & Design are subject to availability.

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