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These fabulous retro jam jar messages arrangements became available recently. What better way to show off a seasonal mix of fresh meadow flowers and then add on your own personalised message on the mini blackboard on the front?

In this picture, we have filled the jars with a selection of seasonal flowers. We think it is bursting with life and colour, what do you think?

This arrangement would make a different gift for any occasion. A little bit different from a normal classic bouquet, yet stylish in it's simplicity. This arrangement would grace any sideboard or reception area or make a novel thank you present or dinner party gift.

But it doesn't end there. After the flowers have gone over, we have left over a lovely jam jar plus lid with it's one little message board tor "sugar" or "paper clips" or whatever you want. Alternatively, for the cooks and chefs out there, it's a perfect kitchen storage jar which can be displayed or just used to store all manner of things.

When ordering, don't forget to let us know what message you want to have on the panel!

*Products & Design are subject to availability.

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