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The Lonely bouquet...

This is where it all started. In a bid to cheer up Dublin City in the middle of the recession, Green Door Florist launched the Lonely bouquet. We still do this from time to time because we love the feedback we get from the public.

We leave little arrangements in old tin cans around the city with a note saying "take me home...". Classic!

Since then, following great publicity and single-handedly raising the national mood and ending the recession (!), we have had many requests from our customers to buy the Lonely Bouquet arrangement. So as not to disappoint our customers, we now offer these for sale for anyone who wants to buy them.

We take an old tin, clean and sterilise it and cover it in a floral paper design. We then make up a cute posy-style arrangement with fresh flowers and a little filler using the blooms of your choice.

These are such a cute gift, novel, with a story and they won't break the bank.

*Products & Design are subject to availability.

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