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This pretty little lantern is fairly traditional, using a red, green and white palette, but there’s nothing boring about this posy. In keeping with our modern Christmas design theme, we using darker reds which contrast beautifully with the white fronds of pine for a touch of drama.

Amaryllis is the main flower in this bouquet, joined by achillea and hypericum in wonderful, rich maroon and burgundy. There’s a touch of rosy skimmia, eucalyptus in various shades, and plenty of greenery.

You really can’t go wrong with this arrangement, it will fit it anywhere - a cute little centrepiece, decoration for side table or a thoughtful gift. Refilling is an option where you place an order for a new flower arrangement or the same. Keeping in mind that the flower composition may vary seasonally and may not match the original bouquet but will be as close as possible.


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