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This is a pretty table arrangement inspired by a recent forest walk, featuring fresh greens and gentle blooms rising from a simple bark container, like the first flowers appearing in the spring.

This arrangement is packed full of spring time delights.  Scarlet-tipped astilbe rises majestically from the centre, surrounded by tall fronds of lavender, pastel pink tulips, pretty white ranunculus and delicate ruscus.  Nestled around the edges, silvery eucalyptus, green viburnum and a lush succulent with beautiful variegated leaves.  Added to this a sprinkle of limonium and dark berries for the foresty feel.

Get lost in your own forest daydream as you gaze at this beauty on your table.

Please note that flowers are subject to availability, so there may be slight variations to the ingredients from week to week.


*Products & Design are subject to availability.

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