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We’re all about adding character to your home and garden, and this wonderful planter does just that! Featuring a cute cooking pot straight from your Granny’s kitchen, this planter has a quaint, vintage look that is perfect to add a touch of personality to your plants.

Ideal for patios, garden paths, or even a wide windowsill, these spring bulbs will add a touch of colour to brighten up your house. You can even hide them in nooks and crannies around the garden for that little element of surprise for your visitors.

This planter contains beautiful hyacinths in vibrant pink and fresh white with a delightful fragrance to sweeten the air. After the plants are gone, the bulbs can be replanted and the pot can be reused. Bring it back into us for a refill, use it for storage around the house, or for a cool upcycling project.

Order one of these planters today for a sweeter spring!

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