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Blue Hues

This week’s bouquet is an entirely royal affair based on a rich palette of indigo and violet.

Formed from elegant anthurium, lush hydrangea and incredible artichokes, combined with intense lisianthus and sprinklings of limonium, and nestled in amongst a generous selection of greenery, this bouquet has a vibrant colour that just draws the eye in.

What we really love about this week’s arrangement is that all the ingredients are especially long lasting, and several of the flowers can be dried to last even longer (artichoke, hydrangea and limonium).

This week’s special bouquet is part of a series we’ve been creating over the recent weeks, drawing inspiration from the ancient chakra system from India. This is the fifth in the series, based on two chakras; the throat chakra and the third eye chakra.

We decided to combine these two chakras into one bouquet because finding pure blue flowers is a real challenge! Instead we’ve found the closest available flowers in violet and indigo tones which still contain blue hues for a similar energetic experience.

The throat chakra, called ‘vishuddha’ in Sanskrit which means ‘especially pure’, is the chakra relating to communication and authentic self expression. When out of balance we may have difficulty connecting with our inner self, a desire to keep secrets, or have difficulty listening to others.

The third eye chakra, called ‘ajna’ in Sanskrit which means ‘beyond wisdom’, is the chakra relating to intuition. When blocked, we may have difficulty seeing situations clearly and finding creative solutions, and we may feel overwhelmed by even the smallest of issues.

Rebalancing these chakras allows us to reconnect with our inner selves, stay true to ourselves, and feel comfortable expressing our innermost feelings. It becomes possible to see the bigger picture in life, and brings a degree of flexibility that allows us to handle anything that comes our way, resulting in feelings of calm & tranquility.

Soak up the blue hues in this week’s bouquet to reconnect with your inner self and find your inner wisdom.

Don’t know much about chakras? Check our blog post to find out more - we explain how we were inspired to create a series of bouquets based on the chakras.

PS: Photos show the €70 bouquet


We create a unique design every single week using seasonal flowers to bring in the colours and fragrance of the outdoors, lifting the mood instantly.  At the click of a button, you can have your exclusive bouquet delivered to your door every week.  Our brand new designs will brighten up your table, bringing a breath of fresh air into the house.

Our weekly bouquet is also perfect for businesses who want regular, one of a kind arrangements without having to create the design themselves.  New textures and styles every week liven up shops, reception areas and dining tables, delighting your customers, and bring inspiration to the boardroom creating a welcoming office environment.

Be sure to order online early on Fridays as we have limited numbers and each design will be gone the next week!  We offer same day delivery in Dublin for orders placed before 12pm. It’s guaranteed to last 5-7 days and every bouquet comes with care instructions so that you can make the most of your flowers.

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