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August 28, 2017

Our wedding flowers are famous!
You might remember an earlier blog about Kate and Andy’s wedding with a difference in Howth. A spiritualist celebration at the Martello tower on Howth head, followed by a reception in the Abbey Tavern. It really was a superb event.
Irish Independent
Not surprisingly, the wedding was picked up by The Irish Independent who ran a feature article on the couple’s celebrations. The photography encapsulated the rustic feel of the day and we were happy to see our wedding flowers on display. The article also featured in the online version of the newspaper and will be read all over the world.
This country is known as the land of a thousand welcomes, so it is always good to see visitors in general, but the article also correctly points out that Ireland is a superb country for a wedding. What better place to have a party and this couple certainly chose a very special venue to have theirs. The weather was kind, with always helps, and the support the couple received from everyone they met was very much appreciated by them.
Irish Indo Feature
We always enjoy weddings. We assist with the traditional wedding on a regular basis, but as a florist with a difference, we are delighted too see an increase in alternative weddings from spiritualist weddings, humanist weddings. hipster weddings and weddings from many different creeds. Vive la différence!
We hope that Kate and Andy will return to visit us all some day. Ceád Míle Fáilte!

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