What Species Work Well Together In Flower Arrangements

October 17, 2018

Making flower arrangements is a fantastic way to spend free time. Choosing the flowers that complement one another can be challenging however. Having a variety of flower species can create a bouquet that is too busy, but one flower type can be safe and boring. Here at Green Door we think that individuality is the most important thing when it comes to flower arranging; you do you! Here is a short guide on how to make sure your flower arrangements hit all the right notes.


Every well-constructed flower arrangement, whether it is a wedding flower arrangement, or birthday flowers, needs a focal flower. This are normally large blooms that stand out from the rest of the bouquet. They make up the backbone of an arrangement. Peonies are a fantastic choice for focal point as they are usually in fresh colours, as well as being big enough to draw the eye. They are moderately easy to grow and can stand up to 3 feet tall and wide. Lilies also make for wonderful centre pieces to begin your flower arrangement as they reach outwards in dramatic displays. A tall elegant choice is the Pacific Giants Mix’ delphinium, pictured to the right. Their long, flower covered stems means that you have maximum displays of colour in your bouquet.


The next step in your flower arrangement should be to choose what kind of tone you are setting with your accompanying flower choices. If you want vibrant colour, choose dark colours in the same hue. For the Pacific Giants Mix’ delphinium, bellflowers or some lavender would work best. For greenery to offset your dark purples, myrtle would be best as its elegant leafs compliment the structure of the focal flower.


If your bouquet’s strong point is in shape rather than colour, Gladiolas are a perfect way to add height and drama to any arrangement. You’ll want to fill them in with round clusters of sedum and Ornithogalum. This will ground the arrangement and stop it from collapsing. Wider arrangements that rely on lush flowers are better made with lilies, lisianthus, and roses. Placing longer snapdragons at the back of the arrangement and filling the surrounds with greenery will ensure that you capture the fullness and fresh quality of your flower arrangement.


A surprising twist in a flower arrangement can be to use flowering vegetables. Flowering cabbage and kale can be a striking addition to any flower arrangement. Lilacs, pink stock, sweet peas, and lisianthus work best to compliment as the lighter tones ensure that your arrangement doesn’t become too drab.


The best flowers for a birthday gift, or just for a home arrangement, are done by the people who know what they want. You know what kind of tone you’re going for and what space the arrangement will be in. If you’re having trouble figuring out what goes where in your flower arrangement, come by Green Door Florists. We are trained specialists who know this stuff like the back of our hand. We can help you get started with the right flower choices so you can be arranging in no time!

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