Lorraine's Wedding

May 12, 2020

Lorraine had always planned to do her own wedding flowers.  She is a makeup artist and very creative, she absolutely adores colour and textures.  Unfortunately, what with everything going on in the run up to the big day, she ran out of time.  It was when she received one of our very popular mini milk bottle arrangements as a present from a friend that she decided she loved our style.  That’s when we came to the rescue and provided the flowers for her charming city wedding.

We absolutely loved the brief that Lorraine gave us.  She wanted a natural but compact style, not too bohemian, with a mulberry palette using a mixture of shades ranging from light to dark.  We thought it would create a really wonderful, romantic feel and we were right...check out the pictures below, provided by Nicola Wester (www.nicolawebster.com).

Lorraine & Niall’s wedding took place in October 2019 at City Hall.  The bride and groom looked stunning in such grand surroundings.  Niall wore a clean cut, dark blue suit with white shirt, tie and handkerchief and Lorraine wore a simple yet elegant gown with delicate beading and a soft fluffy effect created by ostrich feathers around the bottom of the skirt.  

For the stunning bride, we created a large posy, absolutely overflowing with exquisite blooms in every berry shade.  For the deeper tones, we used mulberry coloured skimmia, which has a lovely vintage feel, deep magenta coloured roses and fascinating burgundy cotinus.  The lipstick pinks and pastel pinks were provided by a range of frilly spray roses and romantic lisianthus, then we added pretty white wax flower to lighten the tone.  Together the flowers created a delicious feast for the eyes, reminiscent of summer puddings with cream.

The foliage was mainly eucalyptus with an ethereal, silvery, sea green hue, so we added lavender and viburnum berries in a deep indigo to marry it with the deep purples.  We added pale purple astransia and azure thistles for texture and tied it all together with raffia to create a natural effect.  We loved the tiny photo Lorraine brought of her late father, Frank, which she attached to the bouquet so that he could be there with her on her big day.  

For the handsome groom we created a buttonhole from selected flowers from the bouquet; a pale pink rose teamed with dusky pink skimmia and tiny fronds of lavender, wax and eucalyptus for added texture.

The bridesmaid’s posy was a simple affair but just as delightful, dominated by giant lipstick pink hydrangea, with a sprinkling of wax flower, blue thistles and eucalyptus.  

The reception was held at Fallon and Byrne, so we created some beautiful decorations along the same theme to grace the tables.  Some were our mini milk bottles, which we customised to Lorraine’s mulberry theme, with blooms in a range of pinks combined with deep green foliage. 

Lorraine provided a selection of beautiful vintage vases, in keeping with our mini milk bottle idea, so we gave each vase its own unique arrangement, ranging from large to small.  Some were simple, formed from a single rose and pale pink astilbe, others were more complex, incorporating a variety of blooms, thistles, astransia, white wax flower and foliage in the form of eucalyptus and cotinus.  

We really loved catering for this couple’s special day.  We think Lorraine’s theme was absolutely gorgeous, full of romance and perfect for a wedding.  Here’s what Lorraine had to say:

“You guys are so unbelievably talented! Every time I look at pictures of the wedding I’m just so happy you were our florists, they just make the pictures magical!  And EVERYONE commented on how beautiful they were even strangers, as we made our way from City Hall to Fallon and Byrne. Thank you so, so much for bringing the magic!  You guys are superstars!”

Visit our wedding section and see more examples of our wedding arrangements to help you decide what you’d like for your big day.

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