Flower Design Inspiration - The Colours of the Chakras

September 10, 2021

I didn’t have a birthday party this year. Instead I decided to do something completely different! My wonderful yoga teacher (www.yogaenergywithkatie.com) agreed to do a private yoga retreat for me.

It was wonderful! We used yoga and reiki to cleanse and stimulate the chakras to allow the life force to flow, healing the body on both a physical and spiritual level. I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to share it with all of our dear customers with a series of bouquets based on the chakra system.

I have a long history with the ancient Vedic practices of yoga and meditation. My mother practised yoga and as a child I was absolutely obsessed with the colours and meanings of the chakra system!

As I got older I started practising yoga and meditation myself, and a magical yoga retreat in Spain a few years ago rekindled my interest in chakras - I left the retreat feeling more balanced than ever before in my life.

Using tools like crystals, bodywork, and colour therapy enables us to more easily access our inner energies, focus on our chakras and rebalancing our whole system. Surrounding yourself with a specific colour helps remind you of the important work you’re doing on an energetic level and connect to specific energies as you rebalance the chakras.

We’ve already received great feedback on our chakra themed bouquets from our customers. Take a look at this week’s bouquet here.

More About the Chakras:

The concept of chakras originated in ancient Vedic (Hindu) texts several thousand years ago and over the years has grown and expanded with more detail. The idea is that these chakras help to channel your life force (kundalini) and keep the body, mind and soul in balance.

Blockages in energy flow can be identified by specific emotions and physical states and these can be overcome by altering our environment and experiences to encourage the energy to flow once more. Everything around us has its own unique energy signature that influences our own energy, so by choosing the right things to surround ourselves with, we can overcome blockages in our own system.

Working on chakras allows us to regain balance in all areas of our lives, to stimulate personal development and spiritual growth.

Here are the bouquets we created in our chakra design series:

Red Velvet

What a beauty! Packed full of vibrant, energising red blooms designed to stimulate the base chakra and restore vitality as we come to the end of the summer.

Formed from giant hydrangea heads in a beautiful vintage burgundy, fabulous maroon chrysanthemums, and orange-tipped leucadendron safari sunset, this bouquet will set your room ablaze with colour!

Topped with generous sprinklings of deep cerise gypsophila and ruby-red hypericum, and surrounded with a selection of subtle greenery and rouge foliage, this is a sophisticated and stunning arrangement.

Apricot Delight

What a showstopper we have for you today! Using a palette of incredible orange and grass greens, this week’s bouquet is full of life and energy, specifically designed to boost your creativity.

This bouquet contains a bumper collection of roses in tiger orange, apricot and honey hues, along with fiery asclepia, golden carthamus and amaranthus, and tall stems of kniphofia. There are a few surprise elements for added excitement - fabulous golden thistles and delicate, salmon coloured ruscus - along with lots of lush and verdant greenery.

Soothing Sunshine

Like a mini sunflower field in your own personal bouquet, this week’s arrangement is a glorious reflection of the sun’s magnificent energy, packed full of bright, sunshiny yellows and rich grass greens.

At the heart of this stunning bouquet are fabulous, golden, sun king sunflowers, which we’ve combined with buttercup yellow solidao and achillea, lemon yellow ruscus and oak leaves, and little craspedia lollipops. There’s lysim vulgaris, corn and grass for that meadow feel and generous helpings of lush, verdant leaves.

The Green Goddess

What a fabulously unusual arrangement we have for you today! The height of subtlety, we think this minimalist bouquet is a real head turner!

It’s formed from an incredible palette of rich greens, predominantly from fresh, almost lime green hydrangeas which draw in the eye, allowing you to suddenly discover all the incredible textures contained within.

With elegant stems of lepidium and Bells of Ireland, berry-like hypericum and sweet little faces of chrysanthemums, there’s plenty here to feast your eyes upon. Surrounded by a rich selection of foliage; salal, pistachio and icy, sea green eucalyptus, this bouquet is the perfect expression of the fertile, transformative energy of the heart chakra.

Blue Hues

This week’s bouquet is an entirely royal affair based on a rich palette of indigo and violet.

Formed from elegant anthurium, lush hydrangea and incredible artichokes, combined with intense lisianthus and sprinklings of limonium, and nestled in amongst a generous selection of greenery, this bouquet has a vibrant colour that just draws the eye in.

What we really love about this week’s arrangement is that all the ingredients are especially long lasting, and several of the flowers can be dried to last even longer (artichoke, hydrangea and limonium).

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