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We created this autumn lantern arrangement only recently after we were asked for it by a customer. This wonderful arrangement is based on a colour palette of fiery oranges and reds which contrast beautifully with green foliage.

In this picture you can see we've used some lovely roses and fluffy celosia in an incredible bright orange, fabulous leucodendron which brings the orange tones gently into red, and a mixture of red rose hips and viburnum berries which fades into deep pinks and aubergine oak leaves.

We've also added some amazing chinese lanterns. Make sure to keep them after your flowers have faded. These wonderful lanterns dry out really well and as the husks dehydrate they become transparent, revealing the fruit inside. They are wonderful for decorating the house during the autumn season.

After your flowers have faded, the vase can be used as a lantern, either with a large candle inside (check out our wonderful range of candles on the site) or some fairy lights. Refill order can be placed for the vase with the same flower arrangement if available or other flower composition as per the season.

This arrangement is a real autumn stunner. It would make an ideal gift for a dinner party or would look great on a sideboard lit by the pale watery autumn sunlight.

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