Festive Door Wreath with a Twist!

This rustic Christmas wreath is one of a kind!

For the base, we use fresh pine branches and eucalyptus in a lovely soft green colour.  To this we’ve added pine cones and cute little stars to make it Christmassy.

Now for the twist!  For a modern feel and a touch of originality, we added soft, fluffy cotton, along with bleached pine and ruscus which bring incredible textures to this Christmas favourite.

This wreath is perfect for those short wintery days and long dark nights, and will immerse you in fresh winter scents as you hang it on your front door, readying yourself for the holiday season ahead.

(Please note that whilst this product will be available after 21st December, it may not appear exactly as in the photo due to fluctuations in supply over the Christmas period.  To ensure you get the same ingredients as in the photo, order before 21st December.)

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