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The rosy glow of this vase-based romantic arrangement is sure to be cherished by your beloved.

If you're tired of the usual run of the mill Valentine's Day flowers, this is the bouquet for you. The seasonal mix of flowers and complementary greenery makes a departure from the norm, but still has a feel of the traditional. With beautiful large blooms in fresh white, plenty of warm colours, and an incredible range of textures, this bouquet is sure to make an impression. We've even added a ribbon for that perfect finishing touch.

The arrangement pictured here is priced at €85. Once the flowers are past their best, the vase can be kept and either used around the house for storage or repurposed with fairy lights as a lantern. The vase can be reused with a refill bouquet that will go with the vase.

The delicate, romantic air of this arrangement makes it the perfect gift for a loved one, to mark wedding anniversary or your own special occasion.

Please note that the flower composition may vary seasonally and may not be identical to the original bouquet but will be as close as possible.

*Products & Design are subject to availability.

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