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This incredible arrangement is our masterpiece this Christmas! Based on traditional red and green, but we've added so much more! With this bouquet we really wanted to go all out, and create something wild and dramatic to infuse a bit of life and grandeur to the festive season.

Our stunning bouquet contains an abundance of red, in all possible shades, combined with a touch of grass green, lots of silvery jade and soft, cornflower blue. There’s cinnamon and red berries for that Christmassy feel, and a ton of texture, with thistles, leucadendron and exotic grevillea.

The bouquet comes in a large, glass lantern - a two in one gift! Once the flowers are removed, you can place a candle or pretty fairy lights inside.

This is a wonderful arrangement that really makes a statement. Place your order today.

Refilling is an option where you place an order for a new flower arrangement or the same. Keeping in mind that the flower composition may vary seasonally and may not match the original bouquet but will be as close as possible.

(Please note that whilst this product will be available after 21st December, it may not appear exactly as in the photo due to fluctuations in supply over the Christmas period. To ensure you get the same ingredients as in the photo, order before 21st December.)

*Products & Design are subject to availability.

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