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A Guide to Sending Flowers to Ireland

In Ireland, just like in India, flowers are often gifted for various special occasions. They’re given as gifts on birthdays, anniversaries and for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s, engagement celebrations, funerals, when someone dear is sick, or to cheer someone up. Like the Irish, Indians love the excuse of gifting flowers to one another.

Not all Indian occasions are celebrated in Ireland, for example, the Irish do not celebrate Daughter’s Day. However, your Indian friends and family living in Ireland would be delighted to receive flowers on these dates. There is a calendar further down the page to help you with the different dates of occasions and Irish public holidays so you can plan to leave plenty of time for delivery.

You will find everything you need to know on this page. Click on the links in the menu below to go directly to each section:

  1. Floral customs & ideas for picking flowers in Ireland
    • Sending flowers to Ireland on Mother’s day
    • Sending flowers to Ireland for funerals
    • Sending door wreaths to Ireland
    • Advice to Non-Hindu
  2. Festive and public holidays in Ireland
  3. When to order
    • Normal working days
    • Before special occasions
    • Daylight savings time in Ireland
    • Click & collect orders
  4. Delivery times
  5. Information about Irish addresses
    • What is an Eircode?
    • How to write the address
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cultural taste

Floral designs in Ireland are quite different from Indian designs due to availability of flowers and cultural taste. However, we have the best florist who will surprise you with fabulous bouquets. Aapke apno ke liye The Best!

Sending flowers to Ireland on Mother’s Day

In Ireland, Mother’s Day is celebrated three weeks before Easter Sunday (30th March 2025) , whereas in India, it is on the second Sunday of May every year (11th May 2025). Use this knowledge to your advantage and send your flowers on Indian Mother’s Day as florists will be less busy and you won’t have to get your order in so far in advance.

For Irish Mother’s Day we suggest placing your order at least 7 days ahead. Pick your mother’s favourite flowers or surprise her with your own choice of flowers.


White flowers are generally given for funerals as they signify purity while expressing hope and sadness. White lilies, roses, daisies and chrysanthemums are an appropriate token of condolence and solidarity.

Brightly coloured flowers are most commonly associated with happy occasions, so it is generally not advisable to send them as sympathy flowers following a bereavement.


Seasonal door wreaths are a popular gift choice for home decoration.  Check out the wreath of the season. 

Autumn - September, October, November.
Winter - December, January, February.
Spring - March, April, May.
Summer - June, July, August.

Advice for Non-Hindus

Funeral traditions vary by region and religion. Sending flowers for funerals, whilst not the norm for Hindus, is appropriate for Christians. As it has traditionally been a Christian country in recent history, most Irish people follow this tradition. Flowers are usually sent one or two days after the cremation has taken place.

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Festive & Public holidays

in Ireland

Ireland does not celebrate holidays like Republic Day, Indian Independence Day, and Gandhi Jayanti, or most of the religious holidays in India, so you may well be able to get flowers delivered in Ireland on these days if they are weekdays.

Ireland has very different public holidays to India, so you should be aware of these dates as they are likely to disrupt delivery times.

  • 1st January 2025 - New Year’s Day (public holiday)
  • 3rd February 2025 - St. Brigid’s Day (public holiday)
  • 17th March 2025 - St. Patrick’s Day (public holiday)
  • 30th March 2025 - Mother’s Day
  • 18th April 2025 - Good Friday
  • 21st April 2025 - Easter Monday (public holiday)
  • 5th May 2025 - May Bank Holiday (public holiday)
  • 2nd June 2025 - June Bank Holiday (public holiday)
  • 15th June 2025 - Father’s Day (same date as in India)
  • 5th August 2024 - August Bank Holiday (public holiday)
  • 28th October 2024 - October Bank Holiday(public holiday)
  • 25th December 2024 - Christmas Day (public holiday)
  • 26th December 2024 - St. Stephen’s Day (public holiday)

*Please note that some of these days are public holidays and there are no deliveries on public holidays.

When to Order


Under normal operating circumstances outside of busy periods, we will usually be able to fulfil your order within 3 working days as long as your choice of flowers is in stock. We are usually also able to offer similar flowers as a substitute if your first choice is unavailable and you are short of time.

However, in recent years the floral industry has faced widespread disruption due to fluctuating supplies and delivery delays as a result of the pandemic. We therefore advise all customers to place orders 7 working days before the required delivery date to avoid disappointment, or 10 working days if you wish to order specific flowers.


Please note that there are specific times of the year when florist services in Ireland are particularly busy; a full 10 days running up to Valentine's Day and Mother’s Day, and most of the month of December. At these times we advise placing your order 10 working days in advance of delivery, which usually allows sufficient time to ensure delivery on your chosen date.

daylight savings time & opening hours

Our opening hours are Monday to Saturday 10:00-17:00 and Sunday 11:00-15:00. In Indian time, this is Monday to Saturday 14:30 to 21:30 and Sunday 15:30 to 19:30.

Last orders for same day delivery and next morning delivery is midday Irish Time. That is 16:30* Indian time. For next day delivery, you can place your orders one day before.

We cannot guarantee deliveries in the morning as it is dependent on availability of the delivery service and locations. We will accommodate you to the extent that we can, to avoid disappointments place your orders at least 3 days before the date of delivery.

202431st March 1:00 am27th October 1:00 am
202530th March 1:00 am26th October 1:00 am
202629th March 1:00 am25th October 1:00 am

In Ireland, daylight savings time begins in March and ends in October. This means clocks go 1 hour forward in March and 1 hour back in October as per the dates shown.

*Times are automatically adjusted, so they show the correct time in India on the day you visit this page.

Click & collect orders

Select the ‘click and collect’ option to arrange for the person you nominate to collect your order from our shop. Orders can be placed in the morning and afternoon, at least one hour before pick up during our opening hours. Our Click & Collect hours are between 11:00-13:00 and 14:00-16:00, in Indian time, it is 15:30 to 17:30 and 18:30 to 20:30.

While placing your orders from India make sure you place your order before 14:30 or before 18:30. Give us a call if it is a last minute order, to make sure that we have received your order.

Make sure to check our website or social media platforms to confirm if it’s a working day for us / if the shop is open before you place your orders.


Delivery Times

Visit our deliveries page for the most up to date information about delivery times.


Irish addresses can be lengthy and complex due to regional variations in the country.  As per the example shown below, the name of the addressee is written on the first line, first name followed by surname, with the house number and street written on the second line:

House number Street name

However there are some small differences with Irish addresses that it’s useful to be aware of.  Keep reading for more information.

What is an Eircode?

Eircode is Ireland’s postcode system. An Eircode is a seven-character alpha-numeric postcode. Unlike India, in Ireland, most homes have their own unique eircode. If you have an Eircode but are unsure of other parts of the address, you can look it up using https://www.anpost.com/Post-Parcels/Sending/Correct-Address. If you are unsure of the Eircode of any given address you can look it up using finder.eircode.ie

how to write the address

Rural Areas

House numbers are not always used in rural areas. Sometimes, a house name will be used instead and this is written on the second line of the address. Similarly, road names are not always used, instead the address may only include the name of the village and its county and eircode. Eg:
Surjeet Singh
Shortcliff House
Co Kerry
V93 F582


If you’re writing to someone who lives in an apartment, there may be an apartment (or ‘flat’) number, which can be listed alone on the second line. In this case move street information down to the third line. Apartments may also be signified by a letter that comes after the house number, eg ‘36a’, or by a phrase like ‘House B’. Again, this information goes before the street name. Eg:
Purnima Nischal
Flat 2
20 North Circular Road
Dublin 7
D07 FNR0


In the case of apartment blocks, there may be no street number, instead there may be a block number, or simply an apartment complex name :
Aina Zargar
Apartment 38
Block 3
Richmond Hall
Richmond Road
Dublin 3
D03 AD66


The name of the county (equivalent to a state in India) should always be written in full. The abbreviation ‘Co’ should be written in front of the county name to signify that it is indeed the county, as there are many counties in Ireland that also have a town by the same name. For example, Co Carlow, or Co Limerick.


For Dublin city addresses, it is not necessary to write Co Dublin, as technically County Dublin is the area surrounding Dublin city. To write a Dublin city address followed by County Dublin may confuse matters.

In cities like Dublin and Cork, there are sometimes two lines which indicate the postal area, one in the format ‘Dublin 1’ or ‘Dublin 18’ (these are the old postal areas that existed before eircodes). If you are using an Eircode, you do not need to include the old format and can omit the number.

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